Our Help Section




This is our "Help Section".  We hope you can find the answer you are looking for here.  We hope to also learn of any issues that you may need answers to.  We will post answers, solutions, once we are aware that something needs help.  Hopefully, you can find an answer to any issue you are having, on this page.


We have designed our menu to take exactly you to any of our pages and the information on that page.  No destination is more than two clicks, taps, away by design.  So, we believe you should not have to fight getting lost on our site.  Hopefully, for that reason, we believe you will not need help to use our site.  May you all enjoy our site. May our site be right to the point so there is no searching and hunting for what you want to checkout.  Please enjoy.



In this updated site, many sections on our old site are now gone.  We may bring back curtain elements in the future but, we want to keep our site footprint as small as possible so it works well.  We also want all vistors to be able to find just what they want immediately.


We have built this site to operate on a few clicks or taps as is possible.  We have diligently kept our menu path to a maximum of three clicks or taps.  Almost all our sight navigation is performed in two!  This should, even for the first time user, make navigatring our site simple and quick.


All off site items we have linked to are performed in no more than three clicks.  One to find the information on our site.  A second to open the off site page and possibly a third click or tap on their site and you are there.  We have worked very hard to create a great and quick Web site experience.  As our site grows, we will continue to maintain that philosophy.



We have chosen the Times New Roman font provided by our site host.  It is G.D.P.R. compliant.  Our host is where such compliance is required.  This is why we have built our site on an overseas host.  This peremits us to fully comply with font choice under the requirements by the G.D.P.R.


Being located outside the governance of the G.D.P.R., fonts do not have to be compliant with them.  Our country of origin is the only requirement we need to be compliant with.  However, in an effort to be European compliant, we have chosen an European host for our site and use their offered compliant fonts in our Web site.  Again, these fonts are offered by them with full G.D.P.R. compliance.


We are more than happy to go above and beyond any requirements when it is possible to do so.  In this case all we needed was an Eurpean Web site host.  Again, our host provides only G.D.P.R. compliant fonts.  This means, no matter where you live, you can relax and enjoy our site.