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What the Font?- Times New Roman® is a Registered Trademark?


Author:  Guest Blogger on: Trademarkology


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  "In 1931, British newspaper 'The Times' commissioned Lanston Monotype Corporation to design a new typeface for the paper.  The product of this collaboration, 'Times New Roman,' debuted in the October 3, 1932 edition of The Times. The typeface was later adopted as the standard typeface of Microsoft, securing its place as the most widely accepted typeface in history.  As one typographer states in the video above, 'No one ever got fired for using Times New Roman.'"  ( Please note: The mentioned viodeo is not present on our site. )


  With that quote, we have found that our site host provides the Times New Roman Font as part of its building software, "Site.pro Website Builder".  This font is used around the world for many public douments like Newspapers.  Other very important documentation also uses the Times New Roman Font as well.  Because this font is supplied with our Website Editing Software by our British Website Host, it is a correct practice for it to be used.


  The reason we have chosen this font is because in a Sans-Serif font, the number one, the capitol "I" and the lower-case letter "L" all look like.  A straight stick making reading difficult for many people.  As a result, we have chosen the Times New Roman Font for its claerity and ease of reading so our site visitors can quickly find what they are looking to find.  We therefore hope you enjoy our site by how quickly you can move from one page and/or article, to another.